Cost efficient payment acceptance solution for transport
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All-in-One Fare Acceptance Solution for Taxi Operators
TMONET's Taxi Payment Solution allows everyday transit fare payment to be made quickly and safely not only with a touch of a contactless-enabled card but also with other traditional forms of fare media without having to make another sizeable capital investment for taxi operators.

The solution makes it capable of interacting securely with selected fare media, and perform the fare calculation and daily capping in a back-office system that would also allow proper online account management.

Ideal for transit operators who consider a migration from traditional paper tickets/cash to digital payments and want to experience the impact of the digitization with a fast and cost-efficinent way.
Reduction of the need for cash handling and reconciliation.
Fast and cost efficient way of adopting multiple types of fare media.
(cash & receipt, paper ticket with QR, mobile QR code, contactless smart cards)
  • Credit, debit and contactless /NFC payments with ease.
  • Drivers can also reduce the risk associated with cash transactions.
  • Fast fare calculation, interfacing with taxi meters.
  • Receipt printing for cash payment.
  • Designed & constructed to present no danger to passengers or driver, including impact with the equipment in the event of a collision.