Cost efficient payment acceptance solution for transport
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All-in-One Fare Acceptance Solution for Bus Operators
TMONET's Bus Payment Solution allows everyday transit fare payment to be made quickly and safely not only with a touch of a contactless-enabled card but also with other traditional forms of fare media without having to make another sizeable capital investment for transportation authorities/operators.

The solution makes it capable of interacting securely with selected fare media, and perform the fare calculation and daily capping in a back-office system that would also allow proper online account management.

Ideal for transit operators who consider a migration from traditional paper tickets to digital tickets and want to experience the impact of the digitization with a fast and cost-efficinent way.
Reduction of the need for cash handling and reconciliation.
Fast and cost efficient way of adopting multiple types of fare media.
(cash & receipt, contactless smart cards)
Payment flexibility – passengers can choose how they want to pay.
  • Bus fare validator supports zonal & concession fare calculation.
  • Bus fare validator supports receipt printing for cash payment.
  • Designed & constructed to present no danger to passengers or driver, including impact with the equipment in the event of a collision.
  • There is also an online reporting portal for drivers to monitor transactions.