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SIM-based NFC Payment, Simply Touch & Go with Smartphone
The unprecedented promise of speed and convenience of mobile payment creates new opportunities to drive the volume of non-cash payments. TMONET has been one of the pioneers in this technology and acts as a Trusted Service Manager (TSM), which is the major security component in the complex NFC ecosystem.

By utilising Near Field Communication (NFC), the mobile phone becomes a fast and convenient means of payment.
Highest security standards - a secure element within the mobile phone holds all sensitive information
Utilizations of user interface capabilities for issuers' marketing purposes
One-stop solution for sim-based card issuance : card account creation, mobile provisioning of service account using TSM, instant activation, mobile user interface
Convergence of different service categories such as transport payment/pass, retail payment, loyalty, etc.
  • Different payment properties such as the kinds of cardholder verifications (Mobile PIN, PassCode, mPIN, online PIN, security patterns) can be defined by the issuer.
  • Enhanced user experience by new functionalities such as displaying the transaction history.
  • Payment specification and best practices guidelines are supported